Introducing the All-new attractive stainless steel drying unit.
Safe, quiet, economical to operate and fast drying time.  

Dirck Animal Dryer is made of stainless steel except the Clear Acrylic doors.  This unit has no thermostat to assist or fail.  Motor driven blower offers room air-drying plus three heat settings up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  A timer setting of 15 minutes should dry a 30 lb dog providing it is properly toweled.  Filtered room air lets dog rest while drying.  Moist air can be vented out of room, duct mount provided on dryer.

Dirck Animal Dryer General Specifications

Length 66 inches
Height 48 inches
Depth 28 inches
220 Volt single phase
Requires 60 Amp Range Receptacle
Shipping Weight 250 lbs


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