Grooming Tables       


ORDER NO.  Description                                     WT.         Pack          Price@             UPS    
FS490P  18"W x 30"L x 33"H w/Arm           25lbs.        1                Call               Y      
FS495P Same As 490P Without Arm           23lbs.        1                Call            (O)  
FS500P         24"W x 36"L x 30"H w/Arm           31lbs         1                Call                Y  
FS505P         Same As 500P Without Arm           28lbs.        1                Call               Y  
FS500-48P   24"W x 48"L x 30"H w/Arm           37lbs.        1                Call               Y  
FS505-48P Same As 500-48P Without Arm     34lbs.        1                Call              Y  
FS500GR      24"W x 48"L Adjustable Legs         43lbs.        1               Call              Y  

Grooming  Tables

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NO. Of  Pcs.           FS490P

NO. Of  Pcs.           FS495P

NO. Of  Pcs.           FS500P

NO. Of  Pcs.           FS505P

NO. Of  Pcs.       FS500-48P

NO. Of  Pcs.       FS505-48P

NO. Of  Pcs.        FS500GR

  NO. Of  Pcs.         FS500F



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